Moffett M4 Hire 

The M4 Moffett range assists in transferring heavy loads from trucks/trailers. This equipment is able to work on pavements and firm off road surfaces. Because of its capabilities the Moffett is highly popular in handling the below materials suitable in many trades;

  • Windows and Door Delivery
  • Recyling and waste management
  • Chemicals
  • Gas
  • Building materials - i.e bricks and timber
  • And many more!

The M4 Moffett range has the ability to lift 200kg - 2500 kg

This truck mounted forklift is a versatile and rigid piece of equipment - essential to some businesses working practices. The M4 truck mounted forklift comes readily equipped with some excellent standard items;

  • Reverse beeper, road lights and even a seat belt for maximum safety
  • Flashing beacon lights and work lights - for driver safety
  • Differential Lock for improved grip when driving on rough / un even terrain
  • ROPS/FOPS - Rollover/Falling Object Protective Structure added safety for the operator
  • Stabilisers for stability when loading and unloading
  • NEW "Clear View" Mast
In less than 60 seconds the Moffett can be mounted / dismounted from a truck!

M4 Features


  • Steering Wheel Position Improvement
  • Increased Floor Space
  • Pedal Positions Improved


  • Removable hyraulic tank
  • Upraded electrics
  • Corrosion resistant panels


  • Streamline design
  • Composite rear door and bonnet
  • Overhead Guard
  • New side door redesign (does not extend outside machine width)


  • Truck and street lighting
  • Clear View Mast​